Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Problems

After I wrote my Getting Started - Drums review section, I learned that many people are having trouble with activation and/or sensitivity on their drums.

This is no surprise after the debacle of the initial Rock Band drum and guitar roll-outs. Clearly, early adopters of these games are at serious risk of receiving bad controllers.

I stand by my general feeling about the drum controller. It seems well-designed and solid. Mine appears to be functioning perfectly, but I haven't tried modes where velocity sensitivity is important. I'll make another post once I have had a chance to evaluate the durability of GHWT drums long-term.

Controller production issues aside, GHWT definitely got the drum experience right, and it's going to be much more popular than the Rock Band series among people who are serious about drumming. I will be interested to hear other people's opinions of the 3+2+1 GHWT layout vs. Rock Bands 4+1 layout. I can imagine that novice, casual drummers might prefer the simpler RB layout.


Unknown said...

There's a tool available for tuning the sensitivity of your pads

Unfortunately, due to the genius of making drums a wireless device, you can't plug your drums into your PC now, so you'll need to track down a MIDI to USB adaptor.

Erik said...

Any chance you'd be willing to try plugging your V-Drum set through the midi port, and reporting back? I've got a Roland set myself and would much prefer playing those than a plastic version.